Road to USA
Since studying in the U.S. is considerably more complex than buying a sandwich, our top priority is to pave the fastest and most efficient way for you to get to the United States. We stand ready to assist you with each of these steps.

6 steps to your scholarship in the USA

1. Get in touch

Evaluate your chances

The earlier you contact us, the better your chances of receiving a scholarship in the USA. It is possible to contact us up to 20 months before the planned start of your studies in the USA. But even if you are late, it is not a problem. In the past we were able to help athletes who came to us only 3 months before the planned start. However, if you want the process to be organized and smooth, we recommend that you start early.

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2. Setup Videocall/Meeting

free consultation

In our first meeting/video call we will guide you step by step through the whole process of going to the United States. You will receive a 360° presentation that will give you a good impression of what to expect in the USA.

3. Sign Contract

The signing of the consulting contract is the official start of our cooperation. It is important to know that you will only pay for something that you actually receive.

4. Setup Your Profile

Your online profile is the heart of the entire process. Together with our web designer and videographer, we put together the most efficient and up-to-date online marketing profile for you.

My time at East Tennessee State University was an incredibly wonderful one for me personally. In addition to the great experiences in sports, I was also able to experience fantastic things off the soccer field. The college was not only a stepping stone to the German Bundesliga and the Austrian national team, but also an opportunity for me to develop personally. I would take such an opportunity again in a heartbeat and I'm just glad that I took the step to the USA back then. Personally, I will certainly never forget my time in the United States.

Sarah Zadrazil

FC Bayern Munich & Nationalteam Player

5. Choose College

We give you the best possible advice on universities. We strictly refuse to be paid by universities to give you our uninfluenced opinion. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said:

"A good deal is a good deal once all parties are satisfied."

Be aware, however, that we are not forcing you into any decision. After all, you are old and mature enough to make up your own mind with the help of our information.

6. Sign scholarship

After signing your scholarship, you will apply for visa and university in order to finish up on your preparations.