Studying in the USA offers you the opportunity to develop enormously in many areas. First, you will receive in-depth training in your field of interest through the American university system. With a few small exceptions, your bachelor's degree is usually recognized worldwide. In addition, universities offer first-class sporting facilities, which give you the opportunity to take your athleticism to the next level. Combining sport and studying at the highest level leads to remarkable personal development - in plain English, your are ready to conquer the world.
Accredited Universities in the Sports Associations
of the top 20 universities worldwide are in the US
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is the average cost of a bachelor degree in the US

What is a sports scholarship?

A scholarship is basically financial support that can help cover the costs of accommodation, food, study, training equipment and insurance to reduce. There are different types of scholarships, such as athletic scholarships, academic scholarships, international scholarships and need-based aid. In our opportunity assessment we can show you what options you have to receive a scholarship to study in the USA.Accommodation, meals, studies, training equipment and insurance may apply. It is important to differentiate between sports scholarships, academic scholarships, international scholarships and “need based aid”. In our opportunity assessment you can see what your chances of getting a scholarship in the USA are.

One of the most common questions asked by young athletes interested in pursuing a sports scholarship in the United States concerns the differences between different college leagues. Many people mistakenly think that the division of leagues is based solely on the performance level of the teams. In reality, however, completely different aspects also play a role.

Universities of our athletes

Why are there Sports scholarships?



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Depending on the sport and the sports association, it is important to differentiate between “head count” and “equivalency” sports. In “head count” sports, only full scholarships may be awarded to athletes. In equivalency sports, the university can distribute a certain maximum number of scholarships among a certain number of players. For example, if a coach has 10 scholarships available, he can award either 10 full scholarships, 20 partial scholarships (50% scholarships), or 5 full scholarships and 10 partial scholarships (and so on).

Which factors decide the worth of a scholarship?

Theoretically, there are countless factors that can play a role in the decision for a sports scholarship. However, in recent years we have identified three main factors that have the greatest impact on the scholarship amount. drei Hauptfaktoren identifiziert, die den größten Einfluss auf die Höhe des Stipendiums haben.


Your sporting achievements are the strongest argument for a high scholarship - especially in team sports, a meaningful highlight video is the heart of marketing for the coaches.


As already mentioned, you can qualify for an academic scholarship through outstanding academic achievements such as good grades or high test scores (e.g. TOEFL or SAT). These types of scholarships can be up to $20,000 per year.


Each university has a limited number of scholarships to offer and therefore the time factor also plays a major role in the awarding of scholarships. The closer the season gets, the fewer scholarships the coach has available. It is therefore important to apply as early as possible and keep the requirements of the university and the sports association in mind.

Which costs can a scholarship cover?






Training Gear

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How can a scholarship be awarded?

Anja is a soccer player and wants to study in the USA. 



Anja plays football in the Austrian 2nd Bundesliga.


Anja has an overall Grade Average of 1.8 (Austrian System).


Anja decides to start the process 14 months ahead of planned university start.


Coach Smith from Bowling Green State University becomes aware of Anja and has a positive phone conversation with her. After consulting with BGSU's Athletic Director, Coach Smith decides to give Anna a financial offer worth covering 90% of the costs. Stipendienangebot in Höhe von 90% zu machen. 



In the past, many of our scholarship holders also had the opportunity to claim family allowance in Austria. This means that your parents will receive around €2,000/$2,300 per year, which you can use as pocket money for personal expenses.

Anja now has an offer of $29,000 (excluding family allowance) and would have to pay $3,300 per year from her own funds to complete her studies in the USA.