Your Opportunities
The United States are called the land of opportunity. Your time in the USA will certainly have an enormous influence on your future life. No matter whether it is private, business or sporting.

Eric Eberl

Eric Eberl completed his Master's in Kinesiology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and moved to the USA after his studies. He now works in the heart of Boston for Massachusetts General Hospital / Center for Innovation in Digital HealthCare. His partner also moved to Boston and currently teaches German at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Do you have what it takes?

Pro Sports

At the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021, 1,053 former or active college athletes were actively involved in competitions. This shows once again that colleges offer the perfect breeding ground for top sporting performance. Jumping into professional sports after a college stay is not uncommon.

Bachelor's Degree

The courses are very well tailored to sport due to the university's 100% ownership of the sports teams. Christopher Gschwent from Georgetown College summed it up well in his interview.

Master's Degree

Either you have already completed your bachelor's degree in Austria or you have the opportunity to do a master's degree after your studies in the USA. In most cases, the bachelor's degree is recognized worldwide. In the next video, Niels Buurman talks about his time in the USA. 

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International Job

In addition to a well-founded education in the USA, when you study abroad in the USA you also gain a few things that you might not realize at first glance. Your personal development is enormous and this is very much valued in international professional life. For example, a 4-year stay abroad grants someone independence, organizational skills and a calculated willingness to take risks. Qualities that can play a positive role in many professional areas.